The Company

Mosq & Associates offer specialized services in Interior Design, Architecture, Renovation and Construction. It was found by Michalis Moskiou in the year 2005 and today, it is based in Rhodes with a branch in Athens. The company emphasizes on innovative design and construction in both residential and commercial properties in Greece and abroad, with a variety of projects in our portfolio that consist of hotels, restaurants, bars, stores, offices, houses, apartments and country homes.
To achieve our main goal and deliver value and quality, we constantly keep up to date with developments in our field in order to offer our clients innovative ideas based on their ever increasing demands. We focus on human needs, to create spaces that are both functional and beautiful, turning visions and ideas into reality. Our experience, know-how and valuable team give us the capabilities to fulfill each clients‘ needs providing complete solutions with great significance to a result, that is in every case impressive, innovative, functional, durable and always elegant.