Our Services

Our company Mosq & Associates has passion in creating functional and beautiful spaces undertaking various projects throughout Greece and abroad. Types of projects we manage include:

Country Homes
Shopping Centers
Restaurants- Bars – Coffee Shops

The services Mosq & Associates provides include:

Architectural Research

In order to achieve the best functional layout our team conducts architectural research with technical analysis of all spaces of the building. After frequent meetings and revisions with clients, we present proposals with various drawings and charts to find the best solution to any technical or morphological problem that may occur.

Decorative Design – Interior Design

Decorative Design – Interior Design includes:

  • Field Measuring
  • Dimension and measurement estimation of objects and how much space they will take up
  • Plumbing and Electrical plans and installation
  • Research and selection of materials, colors, objects as well as their functional and decorative placement in space
  • Three – dimensional presentation of designs and proposals in order for the clients to better understand how all the different elements and pieces are going to come together.


After completing the architectural and interior design planning, the clients choose the design proposal that better suits their needs and the renovation stage begins. Our experienced team receives all the information regarding the designs, the materials and the three-dimensional presentation of the property in order to begin the process of turning the ideas to reality.

Construction and Supervision

Mosq & Associates undertakes the construction of residential and commercial properties as well as project supervision starting from the initial stages to the completion of a project. The construction may concern a property that is already under development or an early stage idea. In collaboration with our experienced partners, civil engineers, architects, interior designers and technical crews, we offer complete solutions and services to each client. The client then selects the solution that meets his or her needs and our company will supervise and guide all on – site construction ensuring that the result reflects client’s expectations.

Building Permits

Our company Mosq & Associates, undertakes the entire process of issuing a building permit. The process includes compiling, collecting and filing all the necessary documents required by public bodies for issuing the permit.

Food Safety & Hygiene License

Our company undertakes the entire process of issuing a Food Safety & Hygiene License. The process includes compiling, collecting and filing all the necessary documents required by the public bodies for issuing the license.

Legalization of Illegally Constructed Buildings

Our company, Mosq & Associates, in cooperation with experienced engineers, undertakes the process of legalizing illegally constructed buildings. The procedure includes on-site inspection after gathering authorized building plans, fine calculation, compiling and collecting all the necessary documents required for issuing a legal building license by a certified engineer.

Technical Support after Project Completion

After completing the project, Mosq & Associates provides technical support to its customers. This means for any faulty items or damages that will occur after the project is completed, our experienced team will repair or replace them.

Strategy and Programming

The purpose of programming is to set out detailed guidelines so that the team in charge of the project is well informed on what needs to be done, when it should be done and what resources will be needed to complete the project successfully.
Project planning is based on a timetable that defines the exact parameters of the project to ensure that all prerequisites are established for its implementation and examination.

Interior Design

This study will cover all areas of the property – public and private with a unified, aesthetic approach that we will examine and thereafter agree upon together. The study will begin immediately and the goal is to select colors, material, finishes selection, furniture, etc and make decisions concerning the aesthetics and functional aspects of all spaces. The interior design team will conduct extended research that will lead us to make decisions regarding the construction process, final purchases of equipment as well as the decorations.

Implementation Plan

The goal of implementation planning is to solve all possible problems and to predict any weaknesses and delays, as well as incorporating value engineering into the design and construction process. We will plan the construction phase in detail, based on the designs that been drawn to achieve the desirable result.

The second phase of the implementation plan analyzes the sequence of operations, in a detailed organizational chart, that need to be done in order to complete the project.

Electrical Design and Lighting Study

It defines the exact positions and features of the lighting fixtures as well as their specifications. Our objective is to choose the lighting that combines aesthetics with lowest possible energy consumption. This study also identifies the location and features of switches and air conditioners.

Hydraulic Installations

This study specifies the exact piping location (water, gas / heating) of drains, gutters and all hydraulic systems in the surrounding area.

Field Measuring: Our team will visit your property and take accurate measures of all spaces in order to develop documents and drawings that reflect the existing conditions of your property.

General Interior and Exterior Layout: In this phase, the designers draw an architecture plan regarding the general operation and layout of interior and exterior spaces such as furniture layout, colors, choice of materials etc.

Floor Plans that will provide all the required information regarding floor coverings, masonry, stoves, placement of household equipment, etc, as well as floor plans of rooms and spaces with dimensions, measurement estimates and additional details.

Ceiling Plans that will provide all the required information regarding the ceiling fixtures, levels and finishes (materials), electrical wiring specifications, location of luminaires and air conditioners.

Details will cover any specific construction required for lighting fixtures, investment materials, furniture etc.

Development Drawings: These drawings include elevations, floor plans, details and required information that will guide subcontractors from inception to completion of the project.

Three Dimension – 3D: Throughout the planning phase of the project we will provide you with 3D views that will present all areas and spaces of the project in three-dimensional illustrations that will help you make the final changes and decisions before the execution phase.